The Jets are smoke and mirrors

Today asked which 2-0 is the most likely to remain undefeated the longest. Here was my response.

Sorry to be boring, but I’ll go with the Packers. They’re the league’s best team, and their schedule sets up well enough for them to make it to November undefeated. Of their next five games (at Chicago, vs. Denver, at Atlanta, vs. St. Louis, at Minnesota), only the trip to the Georgia Dome raises a red flag, but I’m no so sure the Falcons are an elite team. Keep in mind they’d likely be 0-2 if Vick hadn’t bonked his head on his own teammate.

The Patriots also have a chance in spite of a tougher schedule. Why? Because they’re the sickeningly efficient Patriots, that’s why. And I’ll tell you one team that definitely won’t go unblemished much longer: the New York Jetropolitans. Their next seven games are at Oakland, at Baltimore, at New England, vs. Miami, vs. San Diego, at Buffalo and vs. New England. Sounds like a recipe for 4-7 to me. And no, I didn’t bring up “recipe” as a joke on Rex Ryan. Although I should have.

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