Pats should handle Raiders, but what do I know?

(Associated Press)

There are three matchups this weekend that easily can be previews of what we’ll see in the AFC playoffs next January — Patriots at Raiders, Jets at Ravens, Steelers at Texans. Which of these games are you most looking forward to and why? What says you, Dave Dameshek?

It says here the Ravens will dump the Jets, who — thanks to their QB — are a tad overrated. The Texans will bounce back against the Steelers, who — thanks to their inability to shut down the run — find themselves in unchartered and rough waters this season. That leaves Raiders at Patriots. I fully expect Brady and Co. to whip Oakland … but I also expected New England to whip Buffalo last week.

If I’m wrong this time, the AFC officially will be up for grabs. Well, unless I’m right about my above pick of the Ravens. In that case, Baltimore would become the team to beat in the conference. Unless I’m wrong about the Steelers losing in Houston. Or maybe the Dolphins will win 13 straight and surprise us all … including Chad Henne.

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