DDFP: Playoffs? You’re talking about … playoffs?

Handsome Hank delights the fellas with his reading of listener tweets. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

Shek & Rank welcome back their handsome and wise colleague, Elliot Harrison, for a two-parter. On Side A, the fellas debate which AFC teams are for real and which will crash and burn ala the Red Sox (speaking of collapses, click here to see which NFL teams Rank says suffered the worst meltdowns ever). After that, Handsome Hank drops by On Side B, the conversation turns to which Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees are most worthy of immediate induction; then, Shek unveils the newest edition of “N-if-L”; and finally, Shek & Rank jump into the DeLorean to find out who wins Week Four’s biggest games. Of all the podcasts you’ve ever heard, this is one of ’em.”

Side A:

Side B:

But before we go, is this not the worst logo have you ever seen? P and U.

The Miami Marlins new cap: this has the makings of one of the five worst uniforms in sports history


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