Move over, Curse of the Bambino?

As ESPN the Magazine made abundantly clear a couple weeks ago, the Red Sox and their Beantown peers have shaken long since shaken off the Curse of the Bambino. However, by declaring Boston ‘America’s Most Dominant Sports City’, the publication may inadvertently jinxed the town all over again. Consider: Since the publishing of that now-infamous issue, the Patriots gave up a three-touchdown lead to perennial punching bag, Buffalo; the Celtics continue to be locked out (alright, that’s a curse that afflicts all the teams); Boston College’s football and basketball teams were indirectly doomed to irrelevancy by the ACC’s additions of superior programs, Pitt and Syracuse; and, as you may have heard, the Red Sox suffered the greatest September collapse in MLB history.

In other words, Boston sports fans would do well to keep a close eye on Sunday’s game in Oakland, because a loss might be an indication of not just a failing Patriots defense, but something much, much more dire.

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