We have a winner in the Rodgers’ snappy comeback contest

Much obliged to everyone for the terrific responses (and spirited debate – it boggles my mind that some of you don’t consider Favre’s comments insulting, but I digress) to our question, “How should Rodgers fire back at the Ol’ Gunslinger?”

After careful consideration, the winner for best response is Travis Bateman from Saint Catharines, Ontario. That’s right, America: you lost to a Canadian.

Congratulations, Travis, you’ll be receiving a copy of Jonah Keri’s fantastic book about the Tampa Bay Rays, “The Extra 2%”.

In honor of #8 Aaron Rodgers, I’m listing my eight favorite submissions.

Special acknowledgment to Andrew Anaki Lucas of Westfield State, for his suggestion that Rodgers send Favre a text with a Super Bowl ring around… well, you know… but of course, the NFL is family friendly. We don’t reward that sort of filth. It does, however, make us laugh.

* Travis Bateman • Saint Catharines, Ontario
“I didn’t hear Brett’s comments, they must have been intercepted before they got to me”.

Ilana Hettleman
“I was surprised Favre didn’t retire sooner.”

Sean Heimbuch • Menominee, Michigan
“I sure hope I get as many opportunities to choke in championship games as Brett did”.

Griffin Haymes
“I have 6 letters that end this argument: XLV MVP”

Stephen Waterman • Lowell, Massachusetts
“I want to thank Brett for his kind words, and remind him again, that there is no need to congratulate me via text.”

Patrick Broe • London, United Kingdom
“The only number four green bay will remember is the 4 rings I’m going to bring”.

Kim Boisen • Aalborghus Gymnasium
Rodgers should wear a torn up pair of Wranglers around his waist, to wipe his hands on before each snap – and his only comment should be “Thank you Brett, for the very useful things you’ve shown me”

Alex Reardon • Normal, Illinois
“Aaron, did you hear the comments made by Brett Favre?” Rodgers – “Who?”

Thanks again to all who submitted. Check back soon for our next exciting contest…

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