DDFP 73: Steve Smith live in Studio 66

(Alix Drawec/NFL)

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Shek & Rank welcome their #1 pass-catching pal of the podcast, Steve Smith, into Studio 66 to talk about Carolina’s playoff chances in 2012. The gang also addresses college football’s new playoff system and the future of the Thunder & Heat in a round of ‘Dead or Alive.’ Plus, they debate which NFL player names would work well as hurricanes; and Shek shares his latest tale of shame from the gymnasium.  If Shek amuses you like a clown, this is the episode for you.

As discussed on Ep. 73, Shek is working on a new group art project called ‘Shameful Outfits at the Gymnasium’ – here’s the first entry.

To contribute to the collage of shame, tweet your image to Shek (@Dameshek) ASA & P. Much obliged.

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