DDFP 109: Colin Kaepernick’s rise

On #DDFP 109, the guys discuss the rise of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the best touchdowns ever and playoff-caliber quarterbacks. (US Presswire/Associated Press)

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DDFP 109

Shek & Rank welcome back @MoveTheSticks(Daniel Jeremiah) to talk Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith, the Steelers’ QB issues and the slew of unproven playoff QBs on contending teams. The fellas also discuss the Jets’ mess, overtime rules,

Fruit of Labor – The real reason for Black Tie’s shout outs.

and more with “Around The League” boys @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus.  Plus, Black Tie officially declares this #TheYearOfTheOvertime and gives a real-life inspired “Shout-out” before some candy taste testing ensues.  Check it out… unless you don’t like a.) football or b.) other stuff.

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