DDFP 130: Flacco’s orders

Associated Press

Dave Dameshek chats with Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo about Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco, stopping San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and more on #DDFP 130. (Associated Press)

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DDFP 130

Shek & Rank welcome Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo (@brendon310) to discuss winning the Lombardi Trophy, what the Ravens did during the blackout, the Niners’ playcalling and Flacco’s strategy to tackle Ted Ginn on the game’s last play.  The fellas then talk with draft guru Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) to talk about his upcoming mock draft on NFL.com, where the Chiefs might go with the first pick, Sam Bradford’s future with the Rams and why Peyton Manning might actually be an underdog.  Plus, a new Black List with thoughts on Kobe Bryant vs. Dwight Howard and a trampoline-inspired “shout out” from Black Tie (@TundeSMD).

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