Russell Wilson and the NFL’s #SexyDeepBall throwers

Which NFL quarterbacks throw a sexy deep ball? – by Black Tie. 

Quarterbacks that throw a sexy deep ball

Russell Wilson – The perfect combination of arm strength, lack of height and accuracy enables Wilson to throw high, on-target deep balls with a certain touch that would make NFL Films’ cameramen blush.

Aaron Rodgers – Perhaps one of the sexiest throws in the NFL’s modern era

Drew Brees – Russell Wilson’s favorite current NFL quarterback and thrower of this epic bomb.

Quarterbacks that throw great bombs that aren’t quite sexy

Joe Flacco – The QB people ask me “does he throw a #SexyDeepBall?” most about. Flacco’s deep balls are thrown with high-end velocity leaving little time for the human eye to appreciate the aerial display. Yup, this is the rare case where arm strength can be a weakness.

Robert Griffin III – Didn’t make the #SexyDeepBall cut due to the fact that a good amount of his deep passes last season were set up by the read-option offense. So unlike Russell Wilson, RG3 usually had a ton of time when launching deep, ducking his degree of difficulty down a tad.

Matthew Stafford – Top-three arm strength in the NFL (with Jay Cutler and Joe Flacco), but Calvin Johnson’s physical presence and leaping ability steal the show on the deep connections in Detroit. #AllHailMegatron

Quarterbacks that DON’T throw a sexy deep ball

Peyton Manning – All brains, no looks.

Colin Kaepernick – Thrower of one the league’s most lethal FAST balls, Kaepernick’s deep attempts usually have too flat a trajectory to score high on the sexy scale.


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