My Longstanding (and Superior) Pro Bowl Replacement Idea


(Associated Press)

In an attempt to revive the relevance of the Pro Bowl, Commish Goodell has announced the league will be implementing an approach similar to the one used in the NHL All-Star Game: captains drafting sides.


Forget the hokey hockey idea – if the NFL is serious about giving fans something engaging to bridge the gap between those miserably long two weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, how ’bout this instead — have the league’s two worst teams go head-to-head, with the winner getting the first pick in the next draft. Aloha, Hawaii: this game’s gonna be played on some burnt-out junior-high field – preferably somewhere it’s raining and/or snowing – with unattractive cheerleaders providing the encouragement.  With any luck, Eve 6 will agree to be the halftime entertainment. (To be fair, they’d be at least as good as half the bands who’ve already done it.)

Sure, there’d be more turnovers than points scored, but so what? It’d be a real game, with something actually important on the line. Don’t you think the players on both sides would be fired up to try to improve their team, not to mention dodging being tagged as the league’s ultimate punch line? Or would they? An incumbent QB might not want to win a game that’d give his team a shot at his possible replacement.  But again… so what?  It’d just make the coaches’ decisions all the more fascinating.

As a fringe benefit, after watching the likes of the Jags and Jets go at it, you’d have an even greater appreciation for how good the two Super Bowl participants are. You could call it the Loser Bowl. Maybe a weight-loss product could be brought in as a sponsor.  I can already hear Brad Nessler saying, “Welcome to the 2014 WeightWatchers Loser Bowl!…’

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