Spoiler Alert: Super Bowl XLVIII

This morning I wrote and re-wrote about 1200 words analyzing what I see as the keys to the game. I veered into the reasons why I’d like to Peyton Manning win and why I’d like to see Richard Sherman win. I outdid myself with pretentious platitudes about Percy Harvin and Von Miller and the 12th Man and the Mile High Fan and legalized weed and legacy and thugs and (the lack of) a wintery mix. Then I deleted it.

At this point, who cares what I or anyone thinks? Let’s just get to the game.


Warning: Do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know the result of the Super Bowl.

(170-98 on the season)




P. Manning: 311 yds, TD, 2 INTs

K. Moreno: 17 carries, 44 yds, TD

W. Welker: 6 rec, 70 yds

D. Thomas: 3 rec, 68 yds, TD


R. Wilson: 290 yds, 44 yds rushing, TD

P. Harvin: 3 plays

D. Baldwin: 52-yd TD rec.

R. Sherman: INT

MVP: Marshawn Lynch (24 carries, 130 yds, TD)

Enjoy the game, everybody. I hope your team wins.

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