Dave Dameshek’s passions include football, watching TV, reckless speculation, and doing things he enjoys. He is ruggedly handsome.

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  1. Dan damesheckbiaba dumbass bitch. Fist fight me if you disagree

  2. This has become a famous drop around many of the NFL’s podcasts and has also restarted the war between the Around the League podcast and the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

  3. For great sports numbers.
    Dan Marino
    Alex Rodriguez
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Pavel Datsyuk

  4. It’s clear that when u guys broke down the cardinals falcons preview that you just watch highlights. The fact is Arizona’s o-line is terrible at best. Palmer is on his back more often than not. Check the Vikings game. No time to set up the risk it biscuit plays. Listening to Ike proves for at least the birds shows to me he just judges by the highlight. I agree Arizona is no 2015, but get the facts baby. Cards fan since ’74. Juan

  5. The Language Police

    Dave, just to prove The Language Police is an equal opportunities critic, I’d like your help in containing some of the worst offences being committed by some your broadcasting colleagues. First of all, let’s go into some cliches.

    It seems each new season a new buzz phrase takes off that gets repeated so often, you get sick of hearing it. These phrases could have already been around for some time but got far less airtime until the season they catch on. And I accept that some phrases have been around forever and so it’s too late to do anything about them (e.g. the receiver who’s “off to the races” but who gets about another 5 yards before he’s tackled).

    I first spotted the buzz phrase with “pick six” which really caught fire about three years ago. This year’s buzz phrase is “window” which is often said to be “tight”. Every pass is now into a window, and in fact I’m hearing other uses of window outside of catching.

    But the phrase that really hacks me off is the one that caught fire in 2015. I dry heave even as I type this: the “back shoulder pass”.

    Commentators spent some time explaining just how it’s the most difficult throw to make, and since then every second throw has been “back shoulder”. Not only is this sloppy, but it’s also inaccurate because if anything it’s a back shoulder CATCH. For sure, there’s about a throw in a thousand where the QB says: “Hey, you just go for it down the outside, don’t even look back. I’m so good I can throw it 35 yards and all you need to do is cup your arms and the ball will land neatly in it.” The reality is every forward pass goes to the receiver from behind (the “back shoulder” if you must), but whether it lands “back shoulder” depends entirely on the orientation of the receiver’s body. This does not make every catch made by a forward-facing receiver a “back shoulder” throw. I am now officially sick to death of hearing this from NFL commentators.

    Maybe we can make this into a board game. You get different cliches on cards and have to build them into a sentence: “He tried a back shoulder pass into a tight window but it was intercepted by the quarterback who’s off to the races for a pick six”.

    Now let’s end on an egregious error. Cris Collinsworth, Bears at Cowboys, over a view of downtown Dallas describes it as the epi-center. Now for those of you reading this who think there’s nothing wrong about this, go check the dictionary. In all fairness, Cris is not alone here. News reporters in particular use epi-center to mean center or exact center (which all comes from misunderstanding previous earthquake coverage). Let’s hope their surgeons don’t make the same mistake going through the epidermis.

  6. Hey Dave!!! HUGE FAN of the weekly SHEK reports they are honestly the funniest things u could say about what happens every week in this crazy league, theirs never a time when I don’t blow up laughing watching these their the best! Keep it up!!!

  7. Damrshek picked the favorite in every game for week 3? What exactly is the point? To tell us what we already know? Which team is “perceived” to be more likely to win? Produces a boring and gutless read. Try a column picking three underdogs per week to win or something.

  8. The Languge Police

    Dave, you keep going back to the well with Handsome Hank because of the way he pronouces certain A vowels. You sometimes say it’s a British thing. The issue is actually more complex and I’m inclined to think it’s your pronunciation that is the more of an affectation. First some terminology:

    When I write A, I mean A is in hamburger, cadillac – let’s call this the conventional A. But when I write OA I mean A is the way you say Aqua.

    As far as I can make it OA is a fairly recent addition the US language (mid/late 20th century), but I would happily like to see other evidence contradicting this. I first noticed it in Woody Allen movies when he would refer to pOAsta meaning Pasta (he was also found of NOAzi for Nazi which, if you hear the German original, is absurd). At first I thought it was a New York thing but over time it’s really taken hold especially in the media. It’s now reached the point where it feels awkward to say and at times sounds ridiculous. For example, in Batman cartoons, you hear Aquaman prounounced OAquaman, which sounds more like OctopusMan.

    Since arount the 1990s I’ve been listening out for OA and I think I’ve found the two rules in which it’s applicable; none of which have anything to do with grammar.

    1. The speaker has to be white collar or upwards. A blue collar guy will never say pOAsta.

    2. The word has to be considered in some way non-native, ideally European. So you get pOAsta but would never hear hOAmburger of cOAdilliOAc.

    Check out old movies. No one in Casablanca says COAsOAblOAncOA as they do now. Interestingly there’s a 1971 movie (City Benath the Sea) in which Stuart Whitman (California born) says OAqua and Robert Colbert (also California born) says Aqua.

    As an aside, I once spoke to a guy who called the English town Bath, BOAth and I had no idea what he was talking about. A blue collar Brit would call it BAth while a white collar would say BARRth. But the short OA sound actually confused me until I understood where the guy meant. Incidentally, snooty Bath residents see no contradiction in saying they’ll take a BAth in BARRth even though the town got its name from the ancient Roman baths.

    In the US things have taken an even weirder turn. You now get kids being named Shon which is a phonetic spelling of Sean pronounced SeOAn.

    So the verdict is that pasta and aqua should be PAsta Aqua. The OA sound is a signifier of class. People who say OAqua want you to know they’re educated, worldlywise and sophisticated — meanwhile the rest of the world is snickering at the silly way they talk.

    PS: you say you’re tired of teams complaining about how no one has faith in them. I by contrast am now utterly fed up of seeing the Hank James Bond clip. Please delete.

  9. Dave, much as I respect the DDFP I’m afraid you get a yellow flag over your attempt to change the standard pronunciation of “combine”. The grammar is quite clear on this. When using the word as a noun (as the NFL do), you pronounce it as per combine harvester. You can only place stress on the second syllable (comBINE) when using the word as a verb. This is why it sounds so unnatural when you say “Did you go to the comBINE?”. My guess is that the use of combine in the NFL context is a neologism but the closest classical definition in the Oxford English Dictionary for combine as a noun is: “An alliance of people or organizations to further their commercial, political, etc., ends, freq. by underhand means.” I can not possibly comment on this last point with respect to the workings of the NFL.

    You will be hearing again from me shortly with respect to your fashionably affected pronunciation of the vowel ‘A’ when used in words and phrases such as “Aqua”, “A capella” etc.

  10. Dave, long time reader/listener, first time commenter. I heard you and Hanzus discuss your concerns about raising your son(s) in LA and the possibility of them turning their backs on the Steelers/Jets. I hope my story will alleviate some concerns for you. My father is from Pittsburgh, but my brother and I were raised in a suburb of San Francisco. My father raised me and my younger brother to be Pittsburgh sports fans, and we would visit our family back in Pittsburgh at least once a year, which definitely helped us feel connected to the city. My first football memory was watching Jim Harbaugh fail to convert a Hail Mary pass to Aaron Bailey in 1995, and my father and I jumped up and down and ran around the house screaming with underwear on our heads (think that was my idea, I was 5). My blood has been black and gold ever since, and my younger brother, also a loyal Steelers fan, despite being chastised by our Raiders/Niners peers growing up (Probably helped that the Steelers were usually better than both those teams). Fortunately for you Dave, the Steelers are a model of consistency and as long as they are playoff contenders during your son’s childhood, I believe he will keep the black and gold tradition alive, as I plan to with my kids (if they ever exist). As for Hanzus, the only encouragement I can give you is that the jury is out on Jared Goff, and the Rams could be as bad or worse than the Jets for a while, best of luck with that. I also benefit from there being no Pittsburgh basketball team, so GO STEELERS, PENS, BUCS, annnnnnd DUBS! KD baby! Dreamteam! (Although it stung real bad, thank you Lebron for ending Cleveland’s terrible sports karma, so the Browns can remain lowly and laughable without wearing on my conscience as hard ).

  11. Good Lord, Dave, PLEASE stop talking about Game of Thrones on your NFL podcast! As someone who loves hearing yourself, Handsome Hank, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ike Taylor, etc, talking football… I haven’t listened to ANY of your recent podcasts, because I’m not up to date on GOT! I don’t need to hear wall-to-wall NFL chat, but holy crap- don’t ruin Game of Thrones AND your football podcast for me. I know you’re taking advantage of the popularity of GOT, but you’re ruining it for folks like me. Please. Stop. Sincerely, Brian in Idaho

  12. I read your article on top 15 Quarterbacks of the Superbowl era. How could you leave out Terry Bradshaw and Ben Rothlisberger ? Combined they have six rings between.them..4 for Terry, and for Ben, 2 , with more to go! You should revise your article!!!!

  13. Please upload full DDFP segements with the episode numbers on Youtube again! The small clips make it hard to figure out what order or if we are getting the whole show!

  14. Please stop the red challenge flag pick’em segment. It is not entertaining to listen two guys repeat conventional wisdom and agree on the favourite winning. If you guys can’t use the spread, you must have some informed insights on why underdogs will win or ‘keep it closer than expected’ (RIP Pete Axhelm)

  15. Shek – podcast needs more EH. Why is he on the shelf? Bucky, Ike and MJD are great but the chemistry b/w you, EH and hank makes for the best shows. C’mon man, get it together.

  16. Handsome Hank had mentioned on the Pod that a great Superbowl 50 matchup would be the two big storied franchises of the NFL Super Bowl era, Pittsburgh and Green Bay. But I think we should go the other way… what about a matchup of the perennial losers of the Super Bowl era… four time losers Buffalo vs. Minnesota! A battle to take the first SB title in franchise history??

  17. Other reporters are not as savvy as you, but I am surprised you haven’t figured out the Chip Kelly offseason philosophy – players with great hair! Foles for Bradford/Tebow is a major upgrade at the hair position. Trent Cole (no hair) for Kiko Alonso (Hal Jordan – Green Lantern hair). McCoy/Maclin for Murray/Mathews/Austin is an equal trade in the hair department, but you get 1 extra beautifully groomed noggin to admire. Don’t believe me? Chip Kelly is 6 inches of receding hairline from Andy Reid 2.0. He has to gain the advantage somewhere – that advantage is hair!

  18. Robert Gerber

    Dave, I love your show. I am a Ravens fan. I loath Joe Flacco. The other day you guys talked about your too 10 QB’s etc. First lets establish after flaccos rookie season (which was awful statistically) the Ravens have been in the top 10 inpass attempts. So many flacco lvers will defend saying we are a running team. Wrong. We are a passing team. Yet joe is always middle of the pack in yards, rating, %, yards per attempt etc. you guys talked abt smith playing backwards. Using the inside of the field not the outside. Joe either check downs or under/overthrows a bomb. Only when safety is over the top. Hes brutal. Not sure top 15. Stafford, cam, palmer, foles, cutler etc have all done more then joe as a player. Ryan tanneyhill has thrown for 4,000 yards and 30 tds. Flacco has never. Better line. Better receivers. Better rb. Bettter coaching, owner, defense and eadier schedule then ryan. Yet could not out theow ryan tanneyhill. A converted receiver. In a running offense. Dalton has 2 probowls. Joe zilch. Aside from his 2012 run his playoff stats are awful. He won a game in new england with 34 passing yards. Thats not a qb. Yes he played the whole game. During the run he got lucky with 3 long throws (none over 55 yards dan deirdorf) my son is 14 and bumping 50 yrds already. He does not have cannon. Most kids in america who are HS Qb’s can throw it 60 yrds. Joes very over rated. Put him at 18 where he belongs. Oh every year there are 3-4 guys who get drafted that are better then joe. In 3 years hes a back up. Think matt schaub. Who also has 2 pro bowls over flacco.

  19. Andrew Dennison

    dear dave. if you could please. for you next N”if”L could you do a bit on what might have happened if the seahawks didn’t complete the fail mary in 2012 and it was ruled an interception instead of a catch

  20. Google: huachipato.

  21. Dear Dave,

    During the run-up to SB 49, under the white hot glow of a Deflategate story running amok, I may (possibly) have used my twitter account @Foxboro13 to make unfortunate disparaging remarks about an NFL QB you admire. Kindly allow this post to serve as my apology….I said some things I didn’t mean…you said some things you didn’t mean…well, maybe you did mean them and I took them in worst way possible….in any event….like the late-great Jerry Orbach (have you heard of him? he was quite the talented actor!) “When I am wrong, I say I am wrong”.

    I mean, dear god, I am a 39 year old man getting into a twitter flame war? Egad!

    Admittedly. had Lynch run it in from the 1 yrd line…it probably would have taken me a lot longer (as many more therapy sessions) to say I am sorry…nevertheless, my apology is sincere.

    I think your show is outstanding! Keep up the excellent work!

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  24. is there an actual e-mail address for dave dameshek?

  25. Shek,

    Love the show. The thing you did a while back with Jeremiah and Black Tie on qbs getting into a fight was a classic.

    Yesterday I was having ‘back day’ at my gym, mostly minding my own business until I started exchanging glances with a petite blonde young lady. Didn’t think much of it until she sat down next to me later at the juice bar. Her opening line: ‘What’s the poop fella?’ I am not usually stunned but it took me 5 seconds to smile and say: ‘Aren’t you delightful?’ There was an instant Shennection.

    Most random thing ever but apparently you have a following with sorority gals.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Mr. Dameshek, always enjoy the insightful banter you cultivate on your program. Don’t know if this is the ideal platform to submit this moment’s impulse reply, but in regards to a fitting nickname for Green Bay’s uncanny thrower of footballs, what about The “Aaron”autic (referencing the art of flying objects) Raja (referring to a monarch or princely ruler). “And the Aeronautic Raja has done it again!” I don’t know…maybe not.

  26. Shek, I love the program, and listen to every one. I was wondering if i could get an email or actual mailing address to send you a care package from the Apple Orchard my dad works at. It’s time for the push to make honeycrisp apples fruit of the year in a repeat performance! Note, these will be from Minnesota, where the best apples are grown. (screw you Washington)

  27. Hey Dave, love your work with Black Tie and the gang. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but in your podcasts since moving to 66 ultimate strength I’ve noticed a very high pitched beeping/humming that has made listening a little painful. I’ve tried different earphones and devices but the sound persists. I hope you guys can figure out what it is! Thanks for your time!

  28. Hey Dave,

    I LOVE your Shame/Shek report… it is the first thing I look for on NFL.com. However, you or they have decided to break your report up into segments… which, for me, completely ruins the flow of your presentation. Most of the sales propaganda is NFL related. What the H. I’m already watching all the sidebar adverts that I am really ignoring.

    So now I have stopped watching your report as I cant take seeing more NFL self promotion. Common already there is a saturation limit where we just don’t care anymore and you of all people ought to know that. In fact your report WAS one of the few remaining things about NFL.com that I could enjoy and now that is gone to.

    All I can now say is SHAAAAAAAAAAAAMe on you and the NFL for flooding me with WAY too much NFL promo nonsense. Wear it with pride as I will most likely never see it again.


    • I have come here to post on that too. The breaking up for more advertisement is really over the top. It’s only a five and half minute segment! Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! Love your show and your podcast, do what is right!
      Also agree with everything Ken said.


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  30. Dave

    A N if L idea…..what if Buffalo traded Spiller to the Seahawks and kept Skittles Beast mode

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  33. Mo Dameshek must be so proud: Mrs Lawsky’s son may be a man of power and prestige, but her Dave lists condiments on the internet.


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  35. Christopher Kilby

    I Love the NFC West episode and don’t disagree with your picks for your NFC West dream team as very few Seahawks stood out. I might argue Doug Baldwin as a receiver for his understated clutch ability. It just makes the idea that the Seahawks played lights out defense(and offense)with a bunch of middling cogs and turned it into a possibly historic defense. Kudos to the coach and players both starters and the next man up. It’s cool to see a program where they can take their players and not be openly against just being a part of the team and not a diva that demands more.

  36. Will Kortright

    LOVE your videos and pod casts. You should do a video on What is Nick Foles didn’t get the chance to play this season if Vick Stayed healthy. That would change the entire playoff picture across the league.

  37. Josh Shermeyer

    What if the Steelers drafted Marino instead of Rivera

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  41. Could you do a N “if” L when in the 2005 NFL draft the 49ers draft Aaron Rodgers instead of Alex Smith? I would like to see what would happen to the 49ers, Packers, and Collin Kaepernick.

  42. how do you save your votes for the greatest uniform in nfl history contest?? i went to the page for the contest, checked the teams i liked but there was no way to submit it. maybe glitch?

  43. When are you going to do your N”if”L on Favre retiring as a Packer rather than going to the Jets? Or where he continues to play for the Packers and Rodgers leaves to start for the Vikings?

  44. You need to do an N “if” L about if Favre stayed with the Packers, Rodgers rookie contract runs out and goes to the Vikings instead, etc.

  45. You should do a what if the Packers didn’t trade for Favre N “if” L


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