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DDFP 166: Jamaal Charles & Aaron Hernandez reaction

(Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

Dameshek chats with Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles on #DDP 166 (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

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DDFP 166

Shek & Hank are joined by Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles to discuss the “Top 100 Players of 2013″ finale, head coach Andy Reid and the comeback chances of Charles’ former college teammate Vince Young. Plus, full Aaron Hernandez reaction on the “ATL Debate Club.”


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DDFP 144: Panthers Jon Beason

(Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

Dave Dameshek chats with Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason on #DDFP 144. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

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DDFP 144

Shek and Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason as the guys discuss Cam Newton’s body language and commercials, the top team in the NFC South and the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Plus, in light of the recent Rutgers’ basketball controversy, Shek chronicles his time as a youth basketball player. Lastly, Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler close the show with the latest edition of the “ATL Debate Club.”

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DDFP: Top 100 reaction (51-60)

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On this week’s “Top 100: Players of 2012” reaction show, Dave and Rank analyze Darren McFadden’s rise up 38 spots despite an injury-shortened season and how much Greg Jennings’ owes his success to Aaron Rodgers. Plus, how will Jonathan Vilma’s appeal against his season-long suspension turn out?

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DDFP: Brandon Lloyd live in Studio 66

(Ben Liebenberg/NFL)


Brandon Lloyd joins Dave and Adam in Studio 66 to talk free agency, Tim Tebow and his music career. The guys also kibitz about Peyton Manning and the Colts as well as debut a fan-submitted song from “Karanastic.

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Uniform Monitor: Week 8

US Presswire

It might make me crazy to people who had to shovel their driveway this weekend, but I’d rather be in snowy Pittsburgh or northern New Jersey than blue-skied L.A. on a football Sunday. The games are just plain and simply more satisfying with a little (or a lot of) inclement weather. That being said, let’s start out with something blue under the shining sun. …


Congratulations to the St Louis Cardinals on their new crown — dynamite stuff outta both teams in the Fall Classic — but the best threads in the game still belong to the Dodgers (and, unfortunately for L.A. baseball fans, Frank McCourt). The crisp whites and that distinctive Dodger blue (how many teams would be so bold to claim a primary color as their own?) are great, but the real key is the red number on the jersey. The Brooklynite who came up with it a century ago belongs in the Uniform Hall of Fame. Here’s your top five:

1. Dodgers home white
2. Yankees pinstripes
3. Brewers home pinstripes
4. Orioles road greys
5. Tigers home whites

NFL UNIFORM MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: Cowboys at Eagles, October 30, 2011January 11, 1981

The Sunday night game offers a matchup of two desperate teams who happen to bitter rivals. Oughta be a dandy, but it’d be even sweeter if Andy Reid took a page from Dick Vermeil’s 1980 NFC Championship Game playbook by making Dallas wear their blue jerseys … which, as we’ve discussed previously, were way better when they were royal blue rather than the current navy.


The Buckeyes got into the Halloween spirit by dressing like Lightning McQueen, but I doubt Woody Hayes would approve. C’mon, Buckeyes — you’re not Oregon. Stop with the silly getups. You’ve already got great unis … featuring the best helmet stickers ever.


People who say L.A. is a bad sports town likely have never been to L.A. to see a sporting event. In the same way Wrigley and Fenway conjure the mid-20th century, Chavez Ravine feels like a visit to 1967. The Rose Bowl is another gem. The setting sun and pastel sky rising above the San Fernando hills are lovely enough to distract even the most depressed UCLA fan from the lousy product on the field. But the Coliseum might be the best of ‘em all, especially when you get those bold cardinal-and-gold getups on the field against the simple elegance of Stanford’s road whites. Take note, Ohio State — Halloween is for kids. Football is for the fashionable.

* If you’re not aware, I aspire to one day become the official Uniform Monitor for all sports. In the meantime, I work gratis for two reasons: 1. I have a deep passion for great uniforms, and 2. I have an equally strong distaste for some of the visual atrocities imposed on our eyeballs by various teams across the sports landscape (I’m talking about you, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks, Oregon Ducks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Anaheim Ducks, et al).

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