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DDFP 298: NFC playoff picture preview

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)


DDFP 298

Shek is joined by former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks to take an early look at the NFC playoff picture: who’s in and who’s out? Shek also shares his thoughts on Cam Newton’s recent great play and makes hypothetical trades involving head coaches.

Download: DDFP 298: NFC playoff picture preview

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DDFP 297: Eric Weddle, Ike Taylor & Week 6 picks

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)


DDFP 297

Shek chats with safety Eric Weddle about the Chargers’ great start to the season, Philip Rivers and the best beards in the NFL. Shek is then joined by Handsome Hank, Elliot Harrison and NFL researcher Drew Christensen to preview the Week 6 schedule. Lastly, Steelers cornerback and friend of the show Ike Taylor talks about his season-ending injury and why the Steelers’ offense never seems to put up huge numbers.

Download: DDFP 297: Eric Weddle, Ike Taylor & Week 6 picks

DDFP 296: Week 5 recap & next QB to win first Super Bowl

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)


DDFP 296

Shek is joined by Daniel Jeremiah and old time friend of the show, Adam Rank, to discuss Week 5 NFL games. Topics include the Patriots’ big win over the Bengals and which quarterback will be the first to win his first Super Bowl.

Download: DDFP 296: Week 5 recap & Rank’s return

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DDFP 289: Week 2 picks & Larry Fitzgerald debate




DDFP 289

Shek, Handsome Hank and writer Elliot Harrison preview Week 2 with the “The Black List” and make their predictions during the “Red Challenge Flag Picks” segment. Plus, the guys discuss which NFL teams would be a good fit for Larry Fitzgerald if the Arizona Cardinals decided to trade their star receiver.


Download: DDFP 289: Week 2 picks & Larry Fitzgerald debate

DDFP 242: Power rankings, twitter questions



DDFP 242

Shek relives a once-in-a-lifetime game of catch with actor Kevin Costner before he and Elliot Harrison break down the latest batch of’s Power Rankings. Then the guys tackle your #DDFP twitter questions and debate the all-time Pittsburgh Steelers team.

Download: DDFP 242: Power rankings, twitter questions

DDFP 236: Russell Wilson, hooey & applesauce

(NFL/Associated Press)

Dave Dameshek talks with Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson on #DDFP 236. (NFL/Associated Press)

DDFP 236

Shek, Rank & Handsome Hank review Shek’s interview with Russell Wilson, preview the start of free agency, predict who’ll win the Oscar for Best Picture, and other hooey & applesauce on the latest edition of the ‘cast.

Download: DDFP 236: Russell Wilson, hooey & applesauce

DDFP 231: Super Bowl champ Michael Bennett

(Associated Press)

Seahawks Michael Bennett joins Dave Dameshek to discuss Michael Sam, the Super Bowl and much more on #DDFP 231. (Associated Press)

DDFP 231

Shek, Rank & Handsome Hank welcome newly-crowned Super Bowl champ Michael Bennett into Studio 66 for a rangy, jive-free conversation about the Super Bowl after-party, Michael Sam, Peyton Manning, surfing on Jupiter, his brother/Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, the difficulty of tackling Cam Newton, and the Seahawks-49ers rivalry. The fellas also kibitz about the Cleveland Browns’ melodrama and Shek’s new favorite TV show ‘True Detective’. Also, Black Tie turns a new leaf…sort of.

Download: DDFP 231: Super Bowl champ Michael Bennett 

DDFP 221: Wild card recap & Ike Taylor

(NFL/Associated Press)

Dave Dameshek recaps Wild Card Weekend with Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor. (NFL/Associated Press)


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DDFP 221

Shek & Rank are joined by Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor for a breakdown of a wild & crazy wildcard weekend, Peyton vs. Brady, the frustration of watching the playoffs on TV, the lack of credit for Alex Smith, and which QB among the eight still standing is best.

Download: DDFP 221: Wild card recap & Ike Taylor



Spoiler Alert: Week 16 – The Rise of the Arizona Phoenix

(Jay Feely/Daryn Colledge )

(Jay Feely/Daryn Colledge )

My pal Daniel (@MoveTheSticks) Jeremiah asked an interesting question the other day: “If you went out on the street and asked people who call themselves NFL fans, how many of them how would know the Cardinals’ record?”

Considering the avalanche of playoff-scenario breakdown segments put out over the last few days, you may have absorbed the correct answer (9-5), but the point is still well taken. No one seems to have noticed what’s going on in the desert this season.  (By the way… for a more in-depth analysis of Week 16 and all the playoff implications, I encourage – nay, demand! – you listen to the latest ‘Dave Dameshek Football Program’ with our pals Elliot Harrison and Marc Sessler.)

You’ve probably already seen the above photos of festively festooned Arizona Cardinals (a requirement of Carson Palmer for any of his teammates who want the Christmas gifts he’s gotten them).

Fun? Yes… but it’s just the start of the good tidings for Arizona this weekend.

That’s right, I’m gonna say it: the Cardinals will pull the biggest upset of 2013 this Sunday when they go into the C-Link and deliver Russell Wilson his first home loss as a pro.

Thanks to Peyton Manning, the word “narrative” has become prominent here in December 2013.  In that spirit, then, here’s an underreported narrative: Arians is a really good coach.  Matter of fact, he deserves serious consideration for a second-straight Coach of the Year award (as well as the world’s biggest fruit basket from the Steelers, the team that announced he was “retiring” two years ago).  As great a job as he did in guiding a team with a rookie QB to the playoffs last year, he now has the Cardinals – the Arizona Cardinals! – on the edge of the playoffs.

No doubt Palmer has had a large hand – or arm – in the Cards’ success, but being an upgrade from the QBs the team’s used over the couple seasons is the definition of damning with faint praise.  In other words, make no mistake: Arians has been the lynchpin to Arizona’s rise from the ashes. (By the way, the Arizona Phoenix would be way to go if the team ever decides to rebrand itself.)

Now, though, comes the bad news in the form of back-to-back games against the NFL’s two best teams (at Seattle and home to San Francisco).  The playoff chase looks bleak… but it says here Arians’ gang will stay alive at least through Christmas. I know, I know… the Seahawks never lose in Seattle, but never can’t last forever. Spare me your notes of outrage, Hawks fans: Come January, I believe your team will start a new two-game streak that’ll carry over to September 2014, when the team kicks off the NFL season at home (as is the custom for the defending Super Bowl champ).

But back to the here and now. The Cardinals need to win, whereas the Seahawks would merely like to win to solidify their inevitable spot atop the NFC standings. I’ll take the more desperate team, the team with the menacing d-line and egregiously underrated middle linebacker and shutdown cornerback and all-world receiver and emerging skill position players and the aforementioned great coach. Gimme the Cardinals.

By the way, maybe the loss will be good for the Seahawks. Pete Carroll will know how to use it as a wakeup call just in time for the playoffs.  And who knows? Maybe Pete will get to thank Arians in-person for said wakeup call before the Cards & Seahawks playoff game kicks off.

Let’s get to this week’s picks.


Warning: do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know final scores of the Week 16 games.

(7-9 last week, 140-86 on the season)



B. LaFell: 93 yds, TD



S. Gilmore: 33-yd INT TD



D. Bryant: 178 yds, 2 TDs, 0 tears shed



D. Bowe: 114 yds, TD



J. Campbell/G. Smith: 7 INTs (combined)



AJ Green: 124 yds, 2 TDs



P. Manning: 360 yds, 3 TDs



G. Zuerlein: 3 FGs



Eyeballs: 60,085 pairs damaged by ugly uniforms



C. Palmer: 299 yds, 3 TDs



L. Bell: 103 yds, TD



R. Bush: 165 yds/scrimmage



P. Rivers: 411 yds, 3 TDs



L. McCoy: 111 yds, TD



S. Vereen: 132 yds/scrimmage



M. Crabtree: 37-yd TD REC

Enjoy Week 16, everybody! I hope your team wins (unless they’re playing my team)…

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DDFP 212: Tomlin, Seahawks & Week 14 picks

(NFL/Associated Press)

Dave Dameshek and the crew preview Week 14 in the NFL on #DDFP 212. (NFL/Associated Press)


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DDFP 212

Shek is joined in Studio 66 by Elliot Harrison & Bucky Brooks to debate the Mike Tomlin kerfuffle, the Seahawks’ dominance, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ rise and who the winners of Week 14’s biggest games will be.

Download: DDFP 212: Tomlin, Seahawks & Week 14 picks