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DDFP 238: Best QB-RB duos & mock draft

Associated Press/NFL

Dave Dameshek and the crew conduct a live mock draft on #DDFP 238. (Associated Press/NFL)


DDFP 238

Shek, Rank, Handsome Hank and Elliot Harrison debate the best quarterback-running back pairing in the NFL and take part in the first ever live #DDFP mock draft. Also, Shek and E.H. share their thoughts on the greatest quarterback in Green Bay Packers history. Lastly, Shek and Hank have a “True Detective” discussion leading up to the season finale of the HBO series (**SPOILER ALERT** at 1:25:20).

Download: DDFP 238: Best QB-RB duos & mock draft


Reality Shek: Two rings, or not two rings?

Dave Dameshek scrutinizes the relationship between Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers’ legacy with the current narrative surrounding their careers and asks the burning question; how much for just one more ring?

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DDFP 219: Packers A.J. Hawk & Week 17 recap

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Dave Dameshek chats with Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk about the team’s thrilling Week 17 victory on #DDFP 219. (Associated Press)

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DDFP 219

Shek & Rank are joined by linebacker A.J. Hawk who gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Green Bay Packers’ thrilling victory over the Chicago Bears and facing the San Francisco 49ers on Wild Card Sunday. Handsome Hank and Elliot Harrison then join to tie a bow on the 2013 NFL regular season with topics including: which team suffered the worst playoff-ousting defeat, what the guys would do if they were general managers of an NFL team, and which non-playoff team is a lock for the postseason next year.

Download: DDFP 219: Packers A.J. Hawk & Week 17 recap


Reality Shek: Leader of the Pack

You’d think in a quarterback league, we’d spend more time celebrating the league’s best quarterback — but you’d be wrong. Dave Dameshek rectifies that by paying homage to the player whose greatness is evergreen.

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DDFP 199: Week 7 recap


David Dameshek and the crew recap Week 7 in the NFL on #DDFP 199.

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DDFP 199

Shek and Rank are joined by Daniel Jeremiah to recap all the footballing action this weekend, including Peyton Manning falling short in his big return to Indianapolis and the Heisman trophy favorites. Handsome Hank then joins for “The Blacklist” to debate the biggest injury from Week 7 and MVP candidates before opening up a gift package from Scotland.

Download: DDFP 199: Week 7 recap


DDFP 155: Kibitzing about pizza, Super Bowl L

Associated Press/Shutterstock

Associated Press/Shutterstock

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DDFP 155

Dave Dameshek is joined by “Handsome” Hank who fills in for Adam Rank, who is on assignment, with guest producer “Neck-tie” Milner. The trio open a can of worms on the best two-topping pizzas. Dave, as always, shows his age-ism by downplaying pineapple as well as the “scam” of hair conditioner. And by the way, half of the “ATL Debate Club,” Marc Sessler, joins the cast to share his list of the top quarterbacks in the league, much to the chagrin of Dave and Hank. Finally, Shek and Hank share their excitement for Super Bowl L in San Francisco as they prepare their restaurant checklist years in advance.

Download: DDFP 155: Advance planning for Super Bowl L

DDFP: Top 100 reaction (1-10)

(Associated Press)

On the finale of the #DDFP “Top 100: Players of 2012″ reaction podcast, Dave and Rank commend the players’ choice of Aaron Rodgers as indeed the NFL’s best player; but is Calvin Johnson ranked too high? Plus, which single player is the most valuable asset to a team’s defense in the NFL?

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DDFP 67: Daniel Jeremiah and Handsome Hank

(US Presswire/Associated Press)

Side A

On side A of the #DDFP 67, Dave and Rank welcome in new NFL.com writer Daniel Jeremiah as the guys discuss the best quarterback divisions in the NFL. Handsome Hank also makes a return and defends Reggie Bush’s recent comments about being the NFL’s leading rusher next season. Plus, check out who’s on #TheBlackList this week.

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DDFP: Wild Card recap

(Associated Press)

Shek presses through his Tim Tebow-induced anguish to break down the wild-card round with the help of Rank and DDFP’s favorite 2012 Pro Bowler, No. 89 Steve Smith, who also talks about taking his Panther pals to Hawaii, bad QBs and Ike Taylor. Sudsy the NFL Stat Man then stops by to provide salient numbers leading up to the divisional round matchups.  Will you enjoy Episode 45?  To quote Marv Albert, “Yes!”

We have a winner in the Rodgers’ snappy comeback contest

Much obliged to everyone for the terrific responses (and spirited debate – it boggles my mind that some of you don’t consider Favre’s comments insulting, but I digress) to our question, “How should Rodgers fire back at the Ol’ Gunslinger?”

After careful consideration, the winner for best response is Travis Bateman from Saint Catharines, Ontario. That’s right, America: you lost to a Canadian.

Congratulations, Travis, you’ll be receiving a copy of Jonah Keri’s fantastic book about the Tampa Bay Rays, “The Extra 2%”.

In honor of #8 Aaron Rodgers, I’m listing my eight favorite submissions.

Special acknowledgment to Andrew Anaki Lucas of Westfield State, for his suggestion that Rodgers send Favre a text with a Super Bowl ring around… well, you know… but of course, the NFL is family friendly. We don’t reward that sort of filth. It does, however, make us laugh.

* Travis Bateman • Saint Catharines, Ontario
“I didn’t hear Brett’s comments, they must have been intercepted before they got to me”.

Ilana Hettleman
“I was surprised Favre didn’t retire sooner.”

Sean Heimbuch • Menominee, Michigan
“I sure hope I get as many opportunities to choke in championship games as Brett did”.

Griffin Haymes
“I have 6 letters that end this argument: XLV MVP”

Stephen Waterman • Lowell, Massachusetts
“I want to thank Brett for his kind words, and remind him again, that there is no need to congratulate me via text.”

Patrick Broe • London, United Kingdom
“The only number four green bay will remember is the 4 rings I’m going to bring”.

Kim Boisen • Aalborghus Gymnasium
Rodgers should wear a torn up pair of Wranglers around his waist, to wipe his hands on before each snap – and his only comment should be “Thank you Brett, for the very useful things you’ve shown me”

Alex Reardon • Normal, Illinois
“Aaron, did you hear the comments made by Brett Favre?” Rodgers – “Who?”

Thanks again to all who submitted. Check back soon for our next exciting contest…

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