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The best Packers jersey to own? It ain’t Favre’s

Some weeks ago on an episode of the Dave Dameshek Football Program, my main man, Adam Rank, and I discussed the importance of buying the right jersey in these economically difficult days for our nation. Unless you make Nnamdi-type loot, you probably can’t afford to buy several players’ jerseys from your favorite team before you finally arrive at the perfect choice. Like Luke Skywalker flying his X-wing in the Death Star, you’ve only got one shot… so it better not just impact on the surface.

Rather than relying on the Force, though, how ‘bout if we help each other — team-by-team — to arrive at the optimal choice for a fan to sport. And where better to start off than in Green Bay, home to the defending Super Bowl champeens? Here’s my tentative list …

1. Max McGee’s green No. 85 – what’s cooler than going on a late-night bender on the eve of the first Super Bowl, then catching two touchdowns in the big game? (Answer: nothing… especially in the beer country of Wisconsin)
2. Aaron Rodgers’ green No. 12 – the man who needed only three years to equal his predecessor’s Lombardi total. Green, ‘cause that’s what he wore in Cowboys Stadium vs. Pittsburgh
3. Paul Hornung’s white No. 5 – the road jersey goes better with the fair hair of the All-America running back
4. Ray Nitschke’s No. 66 (green or white) – in sports history, only Mario Lemieux wore the number better
5. Bart Starr’s green No. 15 – Favre may have all the individual passing records, but Bart’s got the championships. Besides, the name ‘Starr’ just looks cool on the back of a jersey

…Before we etch it stone, I’d appreciate your input. Please be a dear and write your suggestions in the comments section. As you may have noticed, Favre’s name doesn’t appear. Feel free to make your case… but considering he abandoned the green-and-gold to go play for the Jets and arch-rival Vikings, you better be quite a wordsmith to convince me you’re right. By the way, if you’re wondering what the worst jersey is, the correct answer is Mark Chmura’s No. 89. If you don’t know why, search his name and “high school party” on Google.