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DDFP 314: Week 15 recap with Brian Billick

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 314

Shek is joined by former NFL head coach and Super Bowl champion Brian Billick to break down Week 15 in the NFL. The guys debate if the Steelers can win in New England, Peyton Manning’s struggles and Johnny Manziel’s lackluster debut. Plus, Coach Billick shares some insight about his coaching days and Kurt Warner.

Download: DDFP 314: Week 15 recap with Brian Billick

DDFP 313: WK 15 picks, Social Study & Alex Smith

DDFP-Manziel-Wilson-Thomas-141211DDFP 313

Shek, Handsome Hank and Elliot “E.H.” Harrison make their picks for Week 15’s best games including Johnny Manziel’s first start vs. Bengals, Patriots vs. Dolphins and Eagles vs. Cowboys. The trio also debate the most difficult quarterback to tackle in a new segment “Social Study.” Lastly, Shek asks Alex Smith what he wants for Christmas as the Chiefs QB joins the show.

Download: DDFP 313: WK 15 picks, Social Study & Alex Smith

DDFP 312: Week 14 recap

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)



DDFP 312

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and NFL researcher Drew “Stat-on” Christensen to recap Week 14 in the NFL. The trio discuss the 49ers disappointing season, the state of the NFC South, J.J. Watt’s dominance and much more.

Download: DDFP 312: Week 14 recap

DDFP 311: Week 14 picks & Bobby Wagner

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 311

Shek and Elliot “E.H.” Harrison make their Week 14 picks in this weeks “Red Challenge Flag Pick” segment. Plus, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner joins the program to discuss facing the Philadelphia Eagles and making a push for the playoffs. 

Download: DDFP 311: Week 14 picks & Bobby Wagner 

DDFP 310: Week 13 recap

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 310

Shek recaps Week 13 in the NFL with LaDainian Tomlinson and discusses Johnny Manziel’s role going forward. Plus, Ross Tucker joins the program to talk about “The King in the North” Aaron Rodgers and what it would be like if Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh traded places.

Download: DDFP 310: Week 13 recap

DDFP 309: Week 13 picks & Pie-Off


(Alix Drawec/NFL)

DDFP 309

Shek, Handsome Hank, and Drew “Stat-On” Christensen make their Week 13 picks with the “Red Challenge Flag Pick” segment. Plus, the 2014 “Pie-Off” competition featuring Dan Hanzus, Mark Istook and original Producer Neck Tie.


Download: DDFP 309: Week 13 picks & Pie-Off

DDFP 308: Week 12 picks

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

Be sure to check out Shek’s new TV show, DDFP TV Week 12 on NFL Now.

DDFP 308


Shek, Elliot “E.H.” Harrison, Drew “Stat-On” Christensen, and special guest Marc Istook preview Week 12 in the NFL with the “Red Challenge Flag Pick” segment. Plus, they discuss the future potential of Football Baby.


Download: DDFP 308: Week 12 picks

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DDFP 307: Week 11 recap

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 307

Shek welcomes in “NFL Fantasy Live” analyst Marcas Grant to recap Week 11 in the NFL. Topics including the good performances from the Chiefs, Packers and Patriots. Also, Shek picks out a new team for Robert Griffin III if the struggling QB leaves the Redskins. Lastly, Shek and producer Black Tie chime in on the Lakers’ season and celebrity sightings.

Download: DDFP 307: Week 11 recap

DDFP 306: Week 11 preview


DDFP 306

Shek, Handsome Hank, Elliot “E.H.” Harrison and Drew “Stat-On” Christensen preview Week 11 in the NFL with the “Red Challenge Flag Pick” segment. Plus, who’s the NFL’s most disruptive defensive player and is Andy Dalton one bad performance away from losing his starting job in Cincinnati?

Download: DDFP 306: Week 11 preview

DDFP 305: Week 10 preview

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)


DDFP 305

Shek, Handsome Hank, Elliot “E.H.” Harrison and Drew “Stat-On” Christensen preview Week 10 in the NFL with the “Red Challenge Flag Pick” segment.


Download: DDFP 305: Week 10 preview