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DDFP 323: Championship Sunday recap

(National Football League)

(National Football League)

DDFP 323

Shek, Handsome Hank and Dan Hanzus from “Around the NFL” break down the Green Bay Packers collapse against the Seattle Seahawks and debate if it’s the worst loss in NFL history. Plus, a Seahawks vs. Patriots Super Bowl preview.


Download: DDFP 323: Championship Sunday recap

DDFP 322: Ike Taylor & James Jones

DDFP-Rodgers-Taylor-Jones-InstagramDDFP 322

Shek is joined by Elliot Harrison to preview Championship Sunday before Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor enters Studio 66 for rangy conversation. Topics include: Andrew Luck, Le’Veon Bell, Peyton Manning, Cardale Jones and much more. Plus, Raiders wide receiver compares Derek Carr to one of the game’s greats and lists his top 5 NFL players.


Download: DDFP 322: Ike Taylor & James Jones

DDFP 321: Divisional Round recap


(Associated Press/NFL)

(Associated Press/NFL)

DDFP 321

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Elliot Harrison to break down the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Topics include Dez Bryant’s controversial no-catch, Peyton Manning’s arm, Aaron Rodgers’ calf and a quick preview of Championship Sunday. Plus, quick reaction to John Fox’s departure from Denver and other head coaching news.

Download: DDFP 321: Divisional Round recap

DDFP 320: Divisional preview & Patriots roundtable

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 320

Shek is joined by Elliot Harrison to make their picks for the Divisional Round. Then, former NFL players Willie McGinest and Heath Evans discuss the New England Patriots of the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era.

Download: DDFP 320: Divisional preview & Patriots roundtable

DDFP 319: Wild Card recap with Bucky Brooks

Associated Press

Associated Press



DDFP 319

Shek welcomes in former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks to break down Wild Card Weekend. The guys discuss Tony Romo’s performance, how the Ravens stopped the Steelers and whether the Colts are really a one-man team with Andrew Luck. Plus, Shek learns what the FA Cup is and a homage to Stuart Scott.

Download: DDFP 319: Wild Card recap with Bucky Brooks

DDFP 318: The 2014 Sheky Awards

NFL.com Illustration

NFL.com Illustration

DDFP 318

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank, Elliot Harrison and Drew Christensen to make their picks for Wild Card Weekend. Then at 42:22, the main event begins as Shek hosts the 2014 Sheky Awards. Most anticipated categories include Best Best Residual Cereal Milk, Best Quarterback Body Language and of course, Best Fruit. Also make sure to catch the video of the Sheky Awards on NFL Now or NFL.com/Podcasts

Download: DDFP 318: The 2014 Sheky Awards

DDFP 317: Black Monday & MVP debate

Associated Press

Associated Press

DDFP 317

Shek welcomes in Handsome Hank and old pal Adam Rank to discuss the events of Black Monday 2014, preview Wild Card Weekend and a spirited MVP debate. Plus, the guys open up a special listener package all the way from Scotland!

Download: DDFP 317: Black Monday & MVP debate

DDFP 315: Best team, best athlete & Torrey Smith

Associated Press

Associated Press

DDFP 315

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Chris Wesseling from “Around the NFL” to debate the NFL best’s team and top athlete in all of sports. Plus, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver talks Joe Flacco, Steve Smith and Steelers with Shek before singing a Christmas carol.

Download: DDFP 315: Best team, best athlete & Torrey Smith

DDFP 314: Week 15 recap with Brian Billick

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 314

Shek is joined by former NFL head coach and Super Bowl champion Brian Billick to break down Week 15 in the NFL. The guys debate if the Steelers can win in New England, Peyton Manning’s struggles and Johnny Manziel’s lackluster debut. Plus, Coach Billick shares some insight about his coaching days and Kurt Warner.

Download: DDFP 314: Week 15 recap with Brian Billick

DDFP 313: WK 15 picks, Social Study & Alex Smith

DDFP-Manziel-Wilson-Thomas-141211DDFP 313

Shek, Handsome Hank and Elliot “E.H.” Harrison make their picks for Week 15’s best games including Johnny Manziel’s first start vs. Bengals, Patriots vs. Dolphins and Eagles vs. Cowboys. The trio also debate the most difficult quarterback to tackle in a new segment “Social Study.” Lastly, Shek asks Alex Smith what he wants for Christmas as the Chiefs QB joins the show.

Download: DDFP 313: WK 15 picks, Social Study & Alex Smith