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Shame Report: Week 10

Dameshek banishes the Eagles to Shame Island, gives his thoughts on David Nelson’s gift to his Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend and even has some shame or his own fantasy team.

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DDFP: Jalen Rose settles Magic vs. Michael

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Side A

Side B

The boys honor Tim Tebow in episode No. 34 by presenting two sides — one for each completion he had in Week 10.

In Side A, Shek & Rank cover the week’s headlines, including the dawn of the Matt Leinart Era, Mark Sanchez’s atrocious play, the AFC West, and David Nelson’s pigskin gift for his cheerleader girlfriend; the guys then debate which Keanu QB character was better: Utah or Falco?

In Side B, the fellas welcome Handsome Hank to talk Dolphins, Belichick & Karlos Dansby; then, Rank tracks down Jalen Rose to yap about Magic vs MJ, and after that catches up with Jerome Bettis to investigate the Rams’ possible return to LA.