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DDFP 337: LaDainian Tomlinson & Ross Tucker

Associated Press

Associated Press

DDFP 337

Shek is joined by Ross Tucker to recap the latest free agency moves highlighted by the Eagles’ new running back depth chart. Shek also chats with former NFL running back great LaDainian Tomlinson about Darrelle Revis’ return to New York, the new Seattle Seahawks and his pick for the NBA’s MVP award.

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DDFP 310: Week 13 recap

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 310

Shek recaps Week 13 in the NFL with LaDainian Tomlinson and discusses Johnny Manziel’s role going forward. Plus, Ross Tucker joins the program to talk about “The King in the North” Aaron Rodgers and what it would be like if Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh traded places.

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DDFP 250: LaDainian Tomlinson on CJ2K & NBA Playoffs


(Associated Press)

L.T. breaks down the state of the New York Jets’ offense and previews the NBA Playoffs. (Associated Press)

DDFP 250

Shek is joined by running back great LaDainian Tomlinson to discuss Chris Johnson’s addition to the New York Jets’ offense, the Geno Smith-Michael Vick quarterback battle and playing for Rex Ryan. Plus, Shek, L.T. and producer Black Tie make their predictions for the NBA Playoffs. 

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DDFP 182: Tomlinson on Jets, Ben Affleck & Miley Cyrus

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Dave Dameshek and LaDainian Tomlinson discuss Rex Ryan, Ben AfflecK and Miley Cyrus on #DDFP 182. (Associated Press)

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DDFP 182

Shek is joined in Studio 66 by LaDainian Tomlinson – the subject of NFL Network’s ‘A Football Life’ next Tuesday at 8pm ET – and NFL.com scribe Elliot Harrison to break down Rex Ryan’s breakdown, his future with the Jets, which QB the Jets should start in Week 1,and Mark Sanchez’s NFL future. Plus, thoughts on Miley Cyrus, Ben Affleck as Batman, and what to expect from the Broncos, Chiefs  and Ravens in 2013.

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DDFP 175: LaDainian Tomlinson

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DDFP 175

Shek is joined in Studio 66 by future HOFer LaDanian Tomlinson and NFL Network analyst Elliot Harrison to discuss Johnny Manziel’s behavior, what to expect from Philip Rivers in 2013, supporting Tony Romo and Harrison’s Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary team.

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DDFP 72: L.T. debate & Cliff Avril

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On the #DDFP 72, Dave, Rank and Hank debate the merits of LaDainian Tomlinson’s NFL career, including where he ranks amongst the greatest RBs in NFL history.

Detroit Lions defensive end Cliff Avril stops by Studio 66 at the NFL Network. (Johnny Vy/NFL)

Then, Lions DE Cliff Avril joins the show to discuss Matthew Stafford’s progress, why he ranks Tom Brady and Drew Brees ahead of Aaron Rodgers, and Ndamukong Suh’s demeanor on the field. Plus, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and Forbes’ list of the 100 highest-paid athletes make it on the Black List, and Dave takes a look at the worst nicknames in the NFL.

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Dameshek’s Top Running Backs of All Time.

  1. Jim Brown
  2. Walter Payton
  3. Eric Dickerson
  4. Barry Sanders
  5. Tony Dorsett
  6. Emmitt Smith
  7. OJ Simpson
  8. Marshall Faulk
  9. Thurman Thomas
  10. Gale Sayers
  11. Earl Campbell
  12. Adrian Peterson
  13. LaDanian Tomlinson
  14. Marcus Allen
  15. Jerome Bettis
  16. Franco Harris


Rank’s Take

10. Earl Campbell

9. Marshall Faulk

8. LT

7. Gale Sayers

6. Barry Sanders

5. Emmitt Smith

4. Walter Payton

3. O.J. Simpson

2. Eric Dickerson

1. Jim Brown