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DDFP: Jalen Rose settles Magic vs. Michael

(Associated Press/US Presswire)

Side A

Side B

The boys honor Tim Tebow in episode No. 34 by presenting two sides — one for each completion he had in Week 10.

In Side A, Shek & Rank cover the week’s headlines, including the dawn of the Matt Leinart Era, Mark Sanchez’s atrocious play, the AFC West, and David Nelson’s pigskin gift for his cheerleader girlfriend; the guys then debate which Keanu QB character was better: Utah or Falco?

In Side B, the fellas welcome Handsome Hank to talk Dolphins, Belichick & Karlos Dansby; then, Rank tracks down Jalen Rose to yap about Magic vs MJ, and after that catches up with Jerome Bettis to investigate the Rams’ possible return to LA.