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DDFP 77: Santonio Holmes live in Studio 66

(Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

Shek & Rank welcome Santonio Holmes (@Santonio10) into Studio 66 for a wide-ranging discussion on Mark Sanchez, the Super Bowl catch, Tomlin vs. Rex, his departure from Pittsburgh, Ohio State’s Urban renewal, and pretzels. Oh yeah, and Tebow. The fellas are then joined by Handsome Hank to yap about the week’s big stories on the Black List, including Penn State, Linsanity, and Harrison Ford’s 70th birthday. Long story short, if you like good stuff in your ears, put this podcast in ‘em now.

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Shame Report: Preseason special

How is it possible that the Hall of Fame busts makers can have a business where you makes busts that look nothing like the guys they are modeled after? This and more in this preseason special of the Shame Report.