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DDFP 309: Week 13 picks & Pie-Off


(Alix Drawec/NFL)

DDFP 309

Shek, Handsome Hank, and Drew “Stat-On” Christensen make their Week 13 picks with the “Red Challenge Flag Pick” segment. Plus, the 2014 “Pie-Off” competition featuring Dan Hanzus, Mark Istook and original Producer Neck Tie.


Download: DDFP 309: Week 13 picks & Pie-Off

DDFP 277: A.J. Hawk on Rodgers, camp


DDFP 277

Shek is joined by Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk to discuss Aaron Rodgers’ greatness & body language, the best and worst things about being an NFL player, and how to survive in the movie “The Purge”. Shek and producer Black Tie then wrap with the latest news around NFL training camps and chime in on the Kevin Love trade speculation.

Also, be sure to check out A.J. Hawk’s new podcast, The HawkCast.


Download: DDFP 277: A.J. Hawk on Rodgers, camp

DDFP 261: All-AFC West team with Shawne Merriman

DDFP261-140529-CPDDFP 261

Shek and Rank draft the #DDFP All AFC-West team alongside former San Diego Chargers great Shawne Merriman. Listen as the trio debate Peyton Manning or Philip Rivers at QB, Jamaal Charles or Ryan Mathews at RB and much more. The guys also delve into Merriman’s wrestling fandome as he lists his top 3 WWE wrestlers of all time. Lastly, a reaction to this week’s “Top 100 Players of 2014” show and random musings like which body part is the most disgusting.

Download: DDFP 261: All AFC-West team with Shawne Merriman


DDFP 260: All-NFC East team & Pierre Garcon


Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon joins Dave Dameshek on #DDFP 260.

DDFP 260

Shek, Rank and Hank begin the #DDFP Division Bowl tournament by drafting the All-Division team for the NFC East. Then, Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon calls in to discuss the team’s new offense, RGIII’s health and his take on Richard Sherman vs. Patrick Peterson. Plus, the interesting trend of the “Jordan” name in the NFL, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” thoughts and more fun random musings. 

Download: DDFP 260: All-NFC East team & Pierre Garcon

Shek to the Future: Week 6

Dave and Adam reward themselves with a trip to Mexico to celebrate their stellar record, but they’re bringing you back the final scores of this week’s biggest NFL matchups as souvenirs.

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Shek to the Future: Week 5

Dave and Adam spend a relaxing afternoon in the future as they reflect on the final scores of the biggest games of Week 5.

Shek to the Future: Week 2

Dave and Adam climb back into their trusty DeLorean to tell you who’s going to win in Week 2 in their weekly report from the future.

Shek to the Future: Week 1

Dave and Adam are back and better than ever with their trusty time machine, heading back to Rank’s favorite town of Oakland, circa next Tuesday, to reveal the final scores of Week 1’s biggest matchups.

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DDFP 67: Daniel Jeremiah and Handsome Hank

(US Presswire/Associated Press)

Side A

On side A of the #DDFP 67, Dave and Rank welcome in new NFL.com writer Daniel Jeremiah as the guys discuss the best quarterback divisions in the NFL. Handsome Hank also makes a return and defends Reggie Bush’s recent comments about being the NFL’s leading rusher next season. Plus, check out who’s on #TheBlackList this week.

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