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DDFP 353: Brady’s suspension & Garoppolo’s potential

Associated Press

DDFP 353

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Bucky Brooks to react to Tom Brady’s suspension (4:32), discuss Jimmy Garoppolo’s potential (12:58) and list the best fill-in jobs by backup quarterbacks in NFL history (32:46).

Download: DDFP 353: Brady’s suspension & Garoppolo’s potential

DDFP 352: Tom Brady fallout, Reed vs. Polamalu

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DDFP 352

Shek is joined by Bucky Brooks and Elliot Harrison to debate the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL (5:01), discuss what the latest “Deflategate” news means for Tom Brady (31:03) and debate which all-time safety was better: Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu (48:48)?

Download: DDFP 352: Tom Brady fallout, Reed vs. Polamalu

DDFP 320: Divisional preview & Patriots roundtable

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

DDFP 320

Shek is joined by Elliot Harrison to make their picks for the Divisional Round. Then, former NFL players Willie McGinest and Heath Evans discuss the New England Patriots of the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era.

Download: DDFP 320: Divisional preview & Patriots roundtable