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N ‘if’ L: What if Russell Wilson wasn’t a Seahawk?

Russell Wilson on the East Coast? Peyton Manning in the Northwest? Dave Dameshek explains how that could’ve happened had Matt Flynn not had one big game in 2012. Courtesy of Bindledog.com.

The Shek Report: Week 14

Week 14 was filled some rough weather, leaving Dave Dameshek to question why NFL teams don’t play in the snow more often. Why not? Just ask Peyton Manning. Watch this week’s Shek Report.

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DDFP 211: Week 13 recap

(Associated Press)

Dave Dameshek and the crew break down all the footballing action over Thanksgiving weekend on #DDFP 211. (Associated Press)

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DDFP 211

Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Daniel Jeremiah & Handsome Hank for a breakdown of a classic Saturday in college football, what it will mean for the BCS title game and the stronger contender between Carolina and KC. The gang also discusses Geno Smith’s future, Nick Foles and the Eagles’ offense, Peyton Manning’s play-calling wristband and plenty of leftover Thanksgiving stories.

Download: DDFP 211: Week 13 recap


The Shek Report: Week 12

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Dave Dameshek is preparing a heaping pile of shame and he is inviting all of Week 12’s biggest blockheads. Check out who finds a seat at the table and receives their just desserts.

DDFP 209: Week 12 recap

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Dave Dameshek recaps the latest Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning showdown on #DDFP 209. (Associated Press)

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DDFP 209

Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by former NFL scout/current show favorite Daniel Jeremiah to break down the latest between Peyton & Brady, the NFC North & AFC North races, who deserves to be #1 in college football, and the ‘Road House’ remake. Jeremiah also lays out an interesting option for the USC head coaching job before Producer Black Tie reads fan #DDFP tweets.

Download: DDFP 209: Week 12 recap

The Shek Report: Week 10

Week 10 is in the books and Dave Dameshek targets the Manning brother’s interception problem and Clay Matthews’ real life transformation into the mythical comic book hero Thor. Check out who else finds their way under Dave’s white light of shame.

DDFP 205: NFL Week 10 recap

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#DDFP 205 recaps Week 10 in the NFL. (Associated Press)

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DDFP 205

Shek & Rank welcome former NFL scout and current DDFP regular Daniel Jeremiah back to Studio 66 to discuss, among other things, the state of the Ravens, Denver’s chances if Peyton can’t play, his takeaways from the Oregon vs. Stanford showdown, and board games. The fellas are also joined by Handsome Hank for “The Black List”, with subjects including the NFL’s best defense and most overpaid QB. Lastly, Black Tie rounds things out with the debut of his body language QB Rankings.

Download: DDFP 205: NFL Week 10 recap


The Shek Report: Week 7

Another week, another mound of shame for Dave Dameshek to dish out, including the Janoris Jenkins-Steve Smith Twitter beef and Peyton Manning’s kryptonite.

DDFP 199: Week 7 recap


David Dameshek and the crew recap Week 7 in the NFL on #DDFP 199.

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DDFP 199

Shek and Rank are joined by Daniel Jeremiah to recap all the footballing action this weekend, including Peyton Manning falling short in his big return to Indianapolis and the Heisman trophy favorites. Handsome Hank then joins for “The Blacklist” to debate the biggest injury from Week 7 and MVP candidates before opening up a gift package from Scotland.

Download: DDFP 199: Week 7 recap


DDFP 192: Week 4 recap & Breaking Bad

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Dave Dameshek discusses the NFL’s biggest storylines with Daniel Jeremiah on #DDFP 192. (Associated Press)


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DDFP 192

Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by personnel guru/old pal Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) for a rangy conversation on the Ravens’ bizarre offensive play calling vs Buffalo; the Broncos’ machine; the Steelers’ personnel deficiencies; possible NFL trades; Andy Dalton’s struggles; nepotism in the NFL; and the future of Josh Freeman.  After Jeremiah departs, the fellas discuss the “Breaking Bad” finale (50:30) and where the show ranks among the all-time greats.

Download: DDFP 192: Week 4 recap & Breaking Bad