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It’s a day of reckoning in choosing R.E.M.’s top album

I don’t need to tell you the offices at NFL Network/NFL.com are a cornucopia of pro football’s top insiders (and also, me). What you might not know, though, is that those same NFL hallways also overflow with deeply knowledgeable music aficionados (and also, me).

So with that mind, I present the MFL: The Music Fan List, a gathering of Commish Goodell’s finest audio connoisseurs ranking their musical selections within a given category.

This week, R.E.M. — the seminal indy band outta Athens, GA –- called it quits after 31 years. Here’s how our experts rank their top five albums:

Jason LaCanfora – NFL Network/NFL.com reporter
Favorite metal band: Black Sabbath, followed by Iron Maiden

1. “Reckoning”
2. “Murmur”
3. “Life’s Rich Pageant”
4. “Fables”
5. “Document”

Matt ‘Money’ Smith –- host, NFL Fantasy Live; host, ‘Petros & Money Show’
Musical claim to fame: Discovered Sublime

1. “Document”
2. “Reckoning”
3. “Murmur”
4. “Life’s Rich Pageant”
5. “Green”

Tom Brady –- no, not that Tom Brady; this one is Director of Programming & Production, NFL Digital Media/NFL.com
Listening to right now: Dawes and Deer Tick

1. “Reckoning”
2. “Murmur”
3. “Automatic for the People”
4. I abstain
5. I abstain

[I don’t consider myself a strong enough REM fan with the exception of the albums above to give a fair ranking. So top 3 only from me.]

Dave Dameshek – perpetrator of hooey & applesauce
Favorite hip-hop album: Low End Theory by Tribe Called Quest

1. “Life’s Rich Pageant”
2. “Reckoning”
3. “Document”
4. “Murmur”
5. “Fables of the Reconstruction”

Adam Rank – co-host, NFL Fantasy Live; NFL.com writer; co-host, “Dave Dameshek Football Program”
Favorite hair-metal band of the 1980s: Motley Crue

1. “Green”
2. “Reckoning”
3. “Life’s Rich Pageant”
4. “Mumur”
5. “Document”

* Note: Rank’s rankings will only count for a fifth, the result of his cockamamie opinion that Lynard Skynard is superior to the Allman Brothers

1. “Reckoning”
2. “Murmur”
3. “Life’s Rich Pageant”
4. “Document”
5. “Fables of the Reconstruction”

There you have it: our experts all love REM’s 1984 release, “Reckoning,” featuring swell numbers like “Harborcoat,” “So. Central Rain,” “Camera” and “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville”. So long, R.E.M. – it’s been a thin slice of heaven.

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R.E.M.’s best album (for the last 1612 weeks)

8. New Adventures in Hi-Fi
7. Automatic for the People
6. Green
5. Fables of the Reconstruction
4. Murmur
3. Document
2. Reckoning
1. Life’s Rich Pageant

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