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DDFP 60: Tebow takes the Big Apple

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This week on the #DDFP, Handsome Hank is welcomed in as an official member of the ‘cast and we break in yet another producer. The fellas talk New Orleans vs. Las Vegas, Saints suspensions, Tim Tebow and the other assorted hooey and applesauce. And as a special treat, Ike Taylor is the guest for episode No. 5 of the #ARGPFK. Don’t expect a tight 45 here; this is serious business.

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DDFP: Manning reaction

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Handsome Hank and fantasy guru Michael Fabiano join the #DDFP as the guys react to Peyton Manning’s move to the Broncos. And later, the Texans’ J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith join Adam Rank for the fourth episode of the #ARGPFK.

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DDFP: Brandon Lloyd live in Studio 66

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Brandon Lloyd joins Dave and Adam in Studio 66 to talk free agency, Tim Tebow and his music career. The guys also kibitz about Peyton Manning and the Colts as well as debut a fan-submitted song from “Karanastic.

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DDFP: Brady vs Tebow

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Handsome Hank joins the gang to discuss Brady Quinn’s not-so-flattering comments about Tim Tebow. The guys also talk some puck with stats guru Bill Sudell and undertake a little presidential debate of their own. Plus, a new tune premieres from the “One Man House Band,” Dick Banks. It’s a beauty, and the song’s great too.

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DDFP: Talking playoffs with Steve Smith

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Shek & Rank review the fascinating divisional round games, look ahead to the title games and bid farewell to Tebow with pals No. 89 Steve Smith and Handsome Hank. If you like football, you’ll probably like this show.

DDFP: Wild Card recap

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/dameshek/DDFP_episode_45.mp3 ]

Shek presses through his Tim Tebow-induced anguish to break down the wild-card round with the help of Rank and DDFP’s favorite 2012 Pro Bowler, No. 89 Steve Smith, who also talks about taking his Panther pals to Hawaii, bad QBs and Ike Taylor. Sudsy the NFL Stat Man then stops by to provide salient numbers leading up to the divisional round matchups.  Will you enjoy Episode 45?  To quote Marv Albert, “Yes!”

Shame Report: Week 16

Dave Dameshek shines the white hot light of shame on Tebow Time and referees spoiling seasonal celebrations. Mark Sanchez is banished to Shame Island (but his supermodel girlfriend isn’t).

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DDFP: Spiller thriller

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/dameshek/DDFP_episode_40.mp3 ]

Shek & Rank welcome C.J. Spiller to talk about the Bills’ early season boon and late-season swoon, Buffalo’s upcoming game against the Denver Tebows, Clemson’s uniforms, and bleu cheese vs ranch dressing. Plus, Handsome Hank returns from his maternity leave to yap about Joe Flacco’s inconsistencies, and the fellas take a look at how the playoff seedings would shape if the season ended today. Like the Packers’ playoff chances, this episode’s a good one. Take a listen, won’t you?

DDFP: Hangin’ with Steve Smith

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(Steve Smith/Associated Press)

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Shek & Rank welcome their new pass-catchin’ pal, Steve Smith of the Panthers, back to the program to make picks for Week 15’s big games and discuss the Heisman Trophy. They also kibitz about LSU/Bama, uniforms, why ‘The Notebook’ is a good movie and breakfast meat. The fellas then take a look at the playoff matchups if the season ended today.  Long and short of it, if this episode was a fruit, it’d be a peach.  Or a cherry.  Or another good fruit.

Have a bite, won’t you?

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DDFP: Steve Smith & DeAngelo Hall usher in new era

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On episode 36, the fellas talk about the NFL playoff picture if the season ended today; Tim Tebow; and interview their new buddy, Panthers WR Steve Smith.

After that, Rank commandeers the ‘cast for the third episode of the Adam Rank Gridiron Podcast for Kids, and he (along with producer Black Tie) land Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall. It’s a swell time, won’t you listen?