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DDFP 139: Free Agency Frenzy

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

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DDFP 139

Shek and Rank are joined by pal/colleague Akbar Gbajabiamila for a thorough breakdown of an exhilarating week of free agency, including: Wes Welker’s move to Denver; the NFC West arms race between Seattle and San Francisco; Nnamdi Asomugha’s future; and all the winners and losers.  And keep listening for the ATL Debate Club with Handsome Hank and Dan Hanzus.

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DDFP 124: Flacco 2, Elite 0

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

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DDFP 124

Shek and Rank are joined by Around The League heroes @DanHanzus and @MarcSesslerNFL, 12-year-old Baltimore Ravens commentator Cullen Little, and birthday boy Handsome Hank to look ahead to Super Bowl XLVII and break down the conference championship games. Subjects discussed include the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick legacy, where the New England Patriots’ dynasty ranks all time, where Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons go from here, plus, the risk/reward of drafting Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o.

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Shek to the Future: Championship Sunday

Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank travel back in time to reveal how the past might predict a super future for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady.

DDFP 96: Ranking Tony Romo + Cliff Avril

On #DDFP 96, Shek and Rank talk to the Detroit Lions’ Cliff Avril, plus discuss where Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo ranks amongst the NFL’s best. (Associated Press)

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Shek, Rank & Handsome Hank list which quarterbacks they’d rather have over Tony Romo. The fellas then catch up with Detroit Lions defensive end/friend of the show Cliff Avril to discuss just what’s going on with the Lions a quarter of the way through the 2012 season. Plus, a preview of Week 5’s matchup between long-time rivals Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Download: DDFP 96: Ranking Tony Romo + Cliff Avril


N ‘if’ L: What if Brady didn’t miss the 2008 season?

Dave Dameshek explores the possibility of the Patriots ruling the NFL for another year and a fast-spinning QB carousel had Tom Brady not been injured and missed the 2008 season.

Judgment Day

(Kathy Willens/Associated Press)

Norv Turner, your day has come. Captain Rank dons the robe and sits at the head of the court of Adam’s opinion as he levels judgments in his latest Pick Six. Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady and Turner are all asked to approach the bench. Be sure to check it out, won’t you?

Pick Six: NFL judgments

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Pats should handle Raiders, but what do I know?

(Associated Press)

There are three matchups this weekend that easily can be previews of what we’ll see in the AFC playoffs next January — Patriots at Raiders, Jets at Ravens, Steelers at Texans. Which of these games are you most looking forward to and why? What says you, Dave Dameshek?

It says here the Ravens will dump the Jets, who — thanks to their QB — are a tad overrated. The Texans will bounce back against the Steelers, who — thanks to their inability to shut down the run — find themselves in unchartered and rough waters this season. That leaves Raiders at Patriots. I fully expect Brady and Co. to whip Oakland … but I also expected New England to whip Buffalo last week.

If I’m wrong this time, the AFC officially will be up for grabs. Well, unless I’m right about my above pick of the Ravens. In that case, Baltimore would become the team to beat in the conference. Unless I’m wrong about the Steelers losing in Houston. Or maybe the Dolphins will win 13 straight and surprise us all … including Chad Henne.

For more of the NFL.com Instant Debate, you can read that here.

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Shame Report: Hey Brady, learn to tackle

Dave is on fire this week as he points the white-hot light of shame on Michael Vick, the Patriots and Boston fans in general. Won’t you have a look?

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